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Welcome to a snap in time and Cornish Parish Churches:  a site dedicated shares to buy now to photographing Parish Churches within the County of Cornwall.  The links above will assist you in navigating this site, offering you the chance to view pictures of various parish churches within Cornwall. 


What is  "a snap in time" ?  We all take photographs for one reason or another, but what we forget is that when we take that image we are in effect capturing a moment in time, which can never be repeated,  a smile from a young child, that special sunset, a family gathering, all are a piece of history a moment in time we have captured for ever or for as long as the image medium lasts.  


Family History

This site started as a shares to buy means to allow others to access the images of Parish churches I have taken over the years .  As I researched my families history I would photograph the churches we  visited.  It was then that I realised that many people don't have the ability or means to visit these churches that I decided to place the images onto the internet.


What is on this site?

Images of all of the Parish Churches in the County of Cornwall, stained glass windows from some of the churches (limited due to the number of images) and pictures of the church fonts .  Along with information transcribed from the Kelly's Directory of Cornwall. The information on the pages is historical reference and is not intended to be taken as current or relevant to today. 



Further Information

Any local church organisations who would like to use any of these images for parish magazines or publications to help the church then please ask.  Images will be provided free of charge for these publications. Higher quality best shares to buy now images can be provided.  For more information please contact me at info at (@)  asnapintime.co.uk


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